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gomez was there to capture all of the action. he joins us "right this minute" via skype. what happened before the video starts? >> he was dressed up asfá one o my childhood heroes and riding wheelies up and down the street. once i heard he was going to jump the water fountain i figured i better get video. >> was there a part of you that thought he wasn't going to make it? >> absolutely. a make shift ramp didn't look like it was professionally built but they obviously planned it out. they pulled it off. this guy was pretty confident at what he was doing. >> any idea who this guy is? i know police he had the suit. >> it's got to be him. everybody said if elvis is still alive. >> woo! >>> a couple of crash videos. the first one makes me a little sad. it looks like they are driving in a really nice classic car down the road. the description makes me believe it is chris and gary two buddies. >> they got in an accident? >> they are out enjoying a nice afternoon. right about here this car is stopped because they are about to make a right-hand turn. cars behind it slow down to wait for it. cl
't think he's getting the job. >>> no. >>> dude breaks into a store -- >> just using his own brute strength. >> we'll reveal the clue that has the police believing -- >> this isn't his first time. >>> and, he's back, but this time -- >> doing it at night in sort of sketchy-looking elevators. >> see the prank that's simply head-dropping. >> that's so good. it's awful. >>> it's best of "rtm" time. >>> this video by scooter mcgruder. he did a video on the top 100 that awkward moment when -- >> ooh. >> when mom recommends e-harmony.com. when you make eye contact while eating a banana. >> that's an awkward one. >> we have a lot of videos of people doing that around this office, actually. >> check out this video to find out if you're awkward. just head to our website, rightthisminute.com and click on -- >> best of "rtm." >>> if only this guy used his power for niceness instead of evil. because this guy is pretty strong and you won't believe what he is suspected of doing. >> he walks up to this store and he's going to break in. this is a cvs store. >> he breaks in just using his own brute strength
about this story. we have jackie joining us "right this minute" from south africa. how are you? more importantly, how is your hair holding up? >> luckily, one of my friends is an amazing hairdresser and he gave it a good chock and conditioning and i will live toñ tale another ta tell another tale. >> did you feel heat? >> i was so engrossed in what i was doing, i didn't. >> how much hair did you end up losing? >> i would say a good chunk. but it needed a trim. >> how did the bride handle this, that you got a lot of attention on her special day? good laugh about it. you don't see, okay, sort of thing, enjoy the rest of her wedding. >> did the d.j. play "this girl is on fire" by alicia keys. ♪ >> did you get more business because of this? >> i have had a lot of people contacting me. i've put myself in extreme situations. one of many memorable occasionsñ >> it's officially the season of the turkey. i think at this çóhouse, everyd is turkey season. see that big giant turkey at the front stoop of this house? giant turkey does not like visitors. this is a watchdog turkey, if you will
when he finally gets a strike. >>> a guy uses fish to bait a much bigger catch. >> he's basically teasing the shark with this appetizer. >> how the shark took his meal to go. >>> plus, they got theirs in their ipad giveaway, now get the wednesday buzzword for your chance to win. >>> a guy with a quick -- can you do this? >> i want you guys to look at this from a surveillance video in london, england. what this camera picked up is a fight. the man being attacked is a pakistani man, and according to a report, this fight was racially motivated. it started with a woman, 26-year-old amanda lowe, calling him names, including calling him a terrorist. amanda's boyfriend, wesley earl, jumps in. you see him knock nasar to the ground. and amanda lowe who is kicking him in the head repeatedly after he's already down on the ground. and in this process, she left a child in a stroller and an eight-year-old off to the side as she attacked this man. as the fight breaks up, this woman goes back to her stroller, goes back to her eight-year-old and they just walk out of pi picadilly gardens, but even
that they are so used to this kind of violence and conflict that nothing stops them. after the explosions go off the kids jump on their motorcycles and run towards the explosions. they are not the only ones. looks like hundreds of other people con gregate near the area of the explosion. they pick up a piece of shrapnel. they say in the video right after this explosion they went back. >>> you're looking at video from dubai. this is the tower. as ayou can see fire broke out. it is the the top floor where it is believed to have started. that was 2:00 a.m. when alarms started going off. the tower is 34 stories high. this is a residentialal tower. it has about 160 apartments inside and people had to evacuate even from some neighboring towers. take a look at the traffic mess that created. people in the streets were confused about what is going on here and waiting for emergency crews to aarrive. >> it is extra dangerous because there is debris falling on the ground. it is going to take a matter of time to get the fire out. and then there are people in the ground that are in danger, too. >> you can see
officials and state conservation wardens came in to rescue this thing. they used a vehicle, a vehicle with a mud motor to cut through the ice but both attempts failed. the ice was too thick for both of those attempts but too thin for them to actually get on the ice. they ended up driving around the lake to get closer to this deer to evaluate whether it was injured or not. >> the deer appears to be uninjured. the ice is holding him. >> it hurts my heart to watch him. he's so confused. he can't stand up. >> aren't you afraid he's going to break a leg while he's trying to get off the ice. >> they decided to call off the rescue for that day. >> you're looking at putting personnel at safety risk and the deer because he's thrashing around. >> they went back thursday morning and authorities including the volunteer fire department were able to bring a sled to where the deer was. they tied its legs and were able torag him back to shore and that's what you are seeing here. >> look at him go. >> a lot of people are talking about this video of a russian convict and his treatment in prison. in the
, he told us, no. that's not my daughter. >> what? >> it's not? good. i feel so much better about this. >> wait a second. i'm glad if that's true. did he just say it was his daughter to get more publicity. >> he didn't say it to get more publicity. what he was saying at first to a commentor on ebay is don't talk that way about my daughter because the commenter is like why do you have a girl posing like that on a car so he was being sarcastic saying that was my daughter. >> he was trying to get rid of the trolers and people commenting bad about this girl saying it's my daughter. don't talk bad about her. it blew up in his face. >> why didn't he clear it up earlier? >> he probably didn't see the story going to this national proportion. crap. didn't realize it would get this big. >> in an e-mail he said all kinds of attention over this deal got blown out of proportion. trying to get the guy with the off-color comments to feel bad about his comments. the girl in the video is not my daughter but a friend with a legit job that does modeling on the side. >> okay. this girl is a model. >>> you
. some of the most spectacular picks have come to us at night. these people on a hike decide to poke it with a stick just to see what would happen. >> what if the ground you're standing on, the lava you think is dry -- >> so you have a 1977 dotson to sell. it has 49,000 miles on it. you put it on ebay. look at how it looks inside. >> i love it. one of my favorite cars. >> the owner thought, you know what? i have to do like they did back in the day. let me throw a girl with the photos when i put it on ebay to sell it. he did sell it for $7500. check out the pictures of the girl. kim ridly is a man. he owned this car. >> they were very racy photos. >> this guy is smart. all this stuff that's all over ebay, there are tons of cars. you got to draw attention to it. >> we have seen a bunch of ads, provingal ads using girls to promote their cars and to draw attention. >> but here's the thing. when ford and gm and chrysler sell the ads with pretty girls, they don't use their daughters. this is the 20-year-old daughter of kim ridly. that is his daughter? >> wait. wait. this guy used his own d
and the taser. investigators found he lied, he swore, and he brandished this shotgun and taser and used the taser when it wasn't warranted. >> i'd be asking this too. i'd say, what did i do? >> the men were stopped because they said they were not wearing seat belts. but the sheriffs office investigation found that both former deputies made an accurate statement as to what really occurred. the charges were eventually dropped against the two men in the car. the deputies can appeal the findings. >>> i have two different surveillance videos to show you. the suspects in these videos are still on the loose. this first video is from inside a salon and spa in edmonton in alberta, canada. you have a guy in there dousing the entire salon with gasoline. >> is he just mad he got a bad haircut or something? what would he be burning down the salon for? >> when that first flame went up, i'm surprised he didn't blow himself up. >> they think the suspect suffered some burns because of the video. they're using that to try to track this guy down. they're hoping he shows up at a hospital for treatment. >>>
the hat, she tried lost and found and no one could find the hat. so she used social media. thousands and thousands of people have been passing this story around hoping that they will find this hat. >> think about how big an airport it is. that's what is making me nervous. >> that's why we're here and why social media is here. this has gone viral. right this minute to tell us more about this story, with he have bridgette hughes via skype. >> are you amazed at the power of social media? >> i would say flabbergasted is more adequate terms. >> talk about how special this hat is to you. others would think it's just a hat. >> my mother was a role model in my life. it represents her strength. she's goofy. very social. >> do you have any special message for all of the people who are tweeting and facebooking your story? >> i wish that thank you was enough. the only thing i can say is i may have lost a hat but i have gained so much in the past few days. >> really scary scene on the side of a road in what we believe is france. right away you see a huge fire in what looks like a camper car. just
and for assault against the officers. >> the police are also investigating the officer for his use of force. >> i'm going to debunk an internet hoax, a myth that's been going around for years. many of you may have seen these pictures circulating the internet for the past several years. they were taken by scientists years ago. and everywhere they popped up, people kept saying oh, look. it's a frozen wave. it's incredible. it's a frozen tsunami. they've been posted on dozens of different sites. i'm here to tell you categorically that it is not a frozen wave. it's not. >> i was very disappointed about that. it was cool to think about a frozen wave. >> it is still a very cool phenomenon. and here to tell us what exactly is happening, what is the ice is the photographer himself. he is coming from cal tech. what is going on in these photographs? >> these pictures seem to be just iceberg in antarctica in 2002. >> what gives them that sort of wave appearance and that distinctive blue color? >> the color of icebergs has always been blue. photos that you see that are white is covered by snow. and sometimes
're joining us to tell us about their win. [ cheers ] congratulations, we're so excited for you! you have a beautiful family, let's go around i want everyone to introduce themselves. >> i'm stim, and my wife -- >> i'm kelly. >> katie. >> shawn, joanna. >> what do you think you will use it for the most? >> games. >> i'm hearing games and videos. >> it's definitely a big surprise. we're really thankful for it. i was floored and blown away when we won it. >> tell others why they should enter our give away. >> it was easy enough for me, for my family to win, anyone can do it. >> bye, thank you! >> we have another ipad to give away, but you need the buzz word. >> we'll give you the buzz word in a little bit, and then go to "right this minute" and enter. >> remember, you have to be 18 or older to enter for your chance to win an ipad 3. >> good luk,everybody. >> the new ipad mini sold out to others. sound waves of tampa custom bill an install kit, and boom, now you have a cool little touch screen in place of all of your other audio electronices. you have internet, pandora, iheart radio, and it's
's a member of the u.s. army. and as you can see, it's an emotional reunion. she had no idea it was coming. >> i love you, baby girl. >> i love you, too. >> any idea how long major banks was deployed? >> major banks was completing his third tour of duty, and he's been gone for the last eight months. >> and the whole world just disappears for her at this moment. >> yeah. >> she's just so into her dad at that moment. nothing else matters, you can tell. >> gets you choked up, because you see how much love there is right there in that moment between the two of them. you're right. the rest of the world doesn't exist any longer. >> i missed you, too, baby. >>> it's monday, everybody, and we are giving away another ipad 3. now, we had a little problem with friday's giveaway in some cities. so we're tacking on an extra day to our giveaway. >> yep. adding an extra day and another ipad so we'll be doing this thing all the way through thanksgiving day. >> showing a little extra love. right, steven? >> right. in a bit we'll tell you monday's buzzword and how to enter. >> remember, you have to be 18 ye
for having us. >> i can tell by the lights in this skype that you in fact did get your power back. >> finally! >> when did it come back on. >> they came back on saturday in the afternoon. so we were out for about 11 days. >> do you think your song had anything to do with you guys getting the power back? >> i'd like to think so, but we had out of state workers come and actually fix our power, so i'm not sure if they actually got to see it. >> how many days were you without power before you got frustrated enough to write this song? >> probably like a week. >> so who is responsible for actually writing the song? >> we were out to dinner at like a chinese restaurant and we just started talking and my mom said we're never getting back our power so we just started sippinging this song and we just at the dinner table started writing the lyrics and then came home and filmed it. ♪ i called lipa but lipa never called me ♪ >> i'm curious, what's it like going 11 days without power like day-to-day. >> your flashlight becomes your best friend and goes everywhere with you. it's really frustrating becau
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in the kind of agreements i would like to see between democrats and republicans. and so, think all of us have opponen responsibility of things to see if we can improve on. i need to see if i can improve our working relationship. probably some very sharp differences still. and as i said in the campaign, there will be times where there are fights. think those are fights that need to be had. but, what i think the american people don't want to see is a focus on the next election instead of a focus on them. and, i don't have another election. and you know, michelle and i were talking last night about, you know, what an incredible honor and privilege it is to -- to be put in this position. and there are people all across the country, millions of folks who have worked so hard to help us get elected. but there are also millions of people that may not have voted for us and are also counting on us. we take that responsibility very seriously. i take that responsibility very seriously. and -- i hope and intend to be an even better president in the second term than i was in the first. jonathan karl? >> th
was not amused. >> is this all for us? >> please don't hurt me. please don't hurt me. >> a woman gets a taste of a real turkey's revenge. >> finally, he seizes opportunity and bam. >> see why this bird is just getting started. home in time for thanksgiving. one soldier dad -- >> surprising his daughter, danielle. >> with military families good reason to be thankful this season. >> get the buzz word to win a new ipad and drop in on a family's island thanksgiving. >> tough life. >> where eating and surfing make for a perfect holiday. >> thanksgiving, guys. i'd like to take a moment to say rip. to all the turkeys that were going to be deliciously dining on. i had no idea turkey hunting was actually like this. >> yo, turkey. yo, don't you get away.ñ >> sorry. i got it. >> thatfx(=59 was not amused. >> no. >> nathan at bassmaster travel all over the place at this turkey hunting prank videos. actually climbed upfá on the garbage cans there. the best is after he shoots them, he always drags them out by one foot. >> it will taste real nice. >> they take it outside as well. >> bang-bang! >> he gets
input on this, let us know, why are all of these fully clothed japanese girls jumping in the mud? what? >> i don't know, i don't know what this is. >> this dude came prepared to rob with a straw hat. >> he looked suspicious from the get go. >> and a woman parks her car on train tracks and riders are po'd. >> maybe, maybe, maybe she didn't notice the tracks. >> maybe ♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. >>> this is a very exciting day because we have another winner our right this minute ipad give away. they're joining us if kansas to tell us about their win. >> congratulations, we're so excited for you. tim, you have a beautiful team, let's go around, i want everyone to introduce themselves. >> i'm tim, kelly, katie, shawn, joanna. >> how were you feeling when you won? >> was like christmas early. >> what will you use it for most? >> games. >> it's definitely a big surprise, we're very thankful for it. we were floored and blown away, and beth, we loved the gag. >> why should other viewers enter the
can see they are using a stop stick to stop the kid and a cop has to jump out of the way so he doesn't get hit. this is how the chase came to a conclusion. see here they throw out more stop sticks and then he swerves. you can see to the left the truck spins out and into the mud. then an officer and a go after him. >> geez. almost an extra layer of carefulness that you want to use in this kind of situation. >> after it was all over, the dad did say the night before he had been watching police chase videos. the 12-year-old is in juvenile hall facing charges of grand theft and felony eluding. >> already at 12 years old. >>> it's friday, everybody, and we have an ipad to give away. >> you have to be 18 or older to enter and you have to have friday's buzz word. >> we'll be giving you the buzz word in awhile, that's when you head over to our facebook page. >> click on the win an ipad button and enter the buzz word. >> friday's buzz word in just a bit. remember, you have to be 18 years or older to enter for your chance to win an ipad3. >>> videos of hurricane sandy's devastation keep hittin
the neurologic damage is due from the tumor itself. >> this doctor discovered that using toxins created by a scorpion that these proteins within the venom only attach to the bad cells. >> we attached a little flashlight into that and the scorpion toxins drags the flashlight in so the surgeons can see them while they are operating. >> how crazy. this is set for human trials in 2013. they are saying6z within years this will change the field. >> in a tter of ten years surgeonswo look back and say i can't believe we used to remove without this. >> you can go online and click in the right-hand corner of this video and vote for this particular video and these film makers can end up making $100,000 just for bringing this to light which is funny because it is a documentary on bringing light. >>> a robot that gets directions a little differently. >> it is being controlled by someone's mind. >> i like the idea of being able to sit there and think. >> find out how this new technology works. >>> this cutie is going to try a new candy. >> those are supersour. >> see how the taste test goes on >>> ve
creates a hobbit house. >> using nothing but balloons. >> how he pulls it off with a little help from his kids. >>> we've also got the friday buzzword for your chance at an ipad, plus a guard turkey. >> holy cow. >> and a brother's epic prank backfires. >>> the video i'm about to show you is incredibly disturbing. we got this story from kgtv in san diego. this video is from security cameras inside a home in san diego. >> what you're seeing, although it doesn't look like they are home nurses, these two men in the center of your screen are home nurses, hired by a family to care for a 98-year-old loved one who is a stroke victim. >> as you can see, when this video first began, one of the male nurses is standing in a towel. >> in this particular security video you're seeing them fondle each other in front of this stroke victim. you see them touch each other's private parts. you see them almost look like they are kissing. >> in other parts of the video it gets far more disturbing because they also caress the 98-year-old. >> you're kidding. >> according to some reports, they even caress her in
. no injuries. >> this is not the first time this has happened. bret tells us he has gone through 18 transmissions in king kong drive iing for 16 years. this is all sport. >> i don't know much about this kind of sport but i kind of want to say, hey, i think you're doing it wrong! >>> at this time of year, this video is going to make you exceptionally angry. check this outside. somebody has a camera on their front porch. here comes a guy, unknown to the homeowner and his wife. >> he's not wearing the u.p.s. brown so i don't think he works for them. >> uh-huh. puts on his glasses and picks up a package. the owner put the camera up in august after two packages were stolen and this guy got caught. this happened in toronto. another crime milwaukee police are trying to break is this one. this happened at a foods store they're up to no good. they're waving guns around and you can see there is somebody behind the counter and they begin to terrorize the person standing by the register. >> did they hurt the guy? the poor guy was terrified. >> the ras rouwas roughed up, d away with some money a
the friends and family and people online that have helped us. >> has there been a lot of strangers, a lot of anonymous peop people? >> a lot of followers that have sent him gifts periodically. >> caleb, has your mommy been a real big help to you? >> no. >> i think we know the real answer to that. >> tell people how they can help. >they can help by sharingisstpa, donating if they can. he's going to be in treatment for three years. >> so people want to find out more about caleb or if they want to donate, they can go to helpcurecaleb.blogspot.com. >>> it's the -- >> give quad ski. >> and that thing can really move. see just how fast this baby can go on "right this minute." >>> and a pro golfer pulls off one heck of a stunt. >> he's trying to bounce the ball into his ba alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun fas
the same outfit, it's the schoolgirl outfit. maybe if our viewers have any input on this, let us know, why are all of these fully clothed japanese girls jumping in the mud? what? >> i don't know, i don't know what this is. >> this dude came prepared to rob with a straw hat. >> he looked suspicious from the get go. >> and a woman parks her car on train tracks and riders are po'd. >> maybe, maybe, maybe she didn't notice the tracks. when we switched to fios, we got better tv, better phone, better internet. it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. we're actually getting more for our money with fios. [ male announcer ] it's time to get more for your money. upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone with our best price online. just $84.99 a month, guaranteed for one year with no annual contract. there's at least three computers. [ girl 1 ] a tablet. [ woman 1 ] couple of gaming systems. we could all be running at the same time. we do not notice any dips. [ male announcer ] get tv rated #1 in customer satisfaction. and get the school year off to a great star
officers, they won't tell us how many, have been put on administrative leave because they discharged their weapon. >> the woman we're hearing off camera, sounds like that's the mother of his children. >> listen to what you're saying. >> there's no reports as to who that is off camera talking with harris. someone is trying to get him to comply with police. sadly he doesn't. this shooting happened saturday, the video just now surfacing. they may be able to use this as part of the investigation. >> listen to what you're saying. >>> over the past six months, five different people have fallen into the train tracks in boston on their mbta red line. we saw this on boston.com. the most recent one in november, a woman straight walked off the platform. it looked like she kind of wasn't paying attention there. goes into the yellow, falls right there on the track. days before that bystanders say this 29-year-old woman was kind of stumbling around, then we see her, boom, a solid drop. what's that, about 6, 7' drop. >> less than a month before that, a 54-year-old woman, a woman in the white coat,
, got 25,000 pennies and made a floor using nothing but pen ins. >> isn't that weird that money is cheaper than using actual tiles. that seems strange to me, i would think that would be more expensive than using tiles. >> you would think. but in this piece -- it actually looks pretty cool. >> i think it's cool. >> can i do that? i just redid my house. >> maybe you could do did again. >> maybe i could do a countertop or something. >> you could have a garage, penny floor garage. >> hey, dude, come check out my garage. this is so -- money. >> nice. >> it's about three weeks to finish the job. she did trade tattoos for manpower so she had people helping her do it without having to pay any extra money necessarily to do it. and it did take them about 300 hours to complete. >>> pesky really wants in. >>> this is surveillance footage from a warehouse in houston, texas. the guy kind of climbing down dangerously from the roof of this warehouse. according to the sheriffs department in houston. this is a metal piece. you pick up this giant piece of equipment. it's a giant industrial air con
expeditions. this one takes us to europe. first at the rotterdam zoo, i show you the birth of an indian rhino. >> that mom, watch what happens? >> a rhino birth is something i can't -- >> lays down. there it is coming out of the rear. i don't think the tusk is full grown at this point. >> i don't think that's the rear. >> you know what i'm skag, coming out of the posterior area of the rhino. she's laying down but she's going to get up. she realizes this cookie is almost baked. >> standing there. >> looks like a rag doll. >> feet first. >> is it alive? >> when you see how it drops and doesn't move, you're thinking it's not alive. >> what's going on? >> you notice this is taking place after dark, and you'll notice there's some light. it seems her keepers are noticing, hey, wait a minute, something is going on in there. her ears go back and she's sniffing her baby because this is her little baby. >> there you can see the baby was alive and happy and healthy. >>> we leave the netherlands and jaunt on down to france, the notre dame cathedral. those birds are sparrows. watch what they do with them?
is was a little bit -- the front of her bike was kind of dipped down too much. she wasn't used to riding this bike, obviously. a new bike to her. she hit the jump with too much speed. the bike had more power than she thought and completely overshot the landing ramp and landed flat down on the ground. >> oh. she overshot the landing. i didn't see that. >> she broke her wrist, bruised some ribs, punctured a lung, spent five days in the hospital but she is fully recovered. she's currently up for the female rider of the year award from "dirt bike" magazine. >> the way her face and upper body smashes off the pavement, i can't believe she got up and walked away from something like this. she almost got folded in half. >> i'm in pain watching this. >>> videos have just been released of a brawl that happened in provost, utah, right after all the halloween partying was done, people went to this mexican restaurant to get some food, but things got really heated really quick. next thing you know, this group of people is just throwing punches at each other. >> obviously that guy in the police shirt is not the r
crash is your marketing technique? >> no way. awful. >> that will never work here in the u.s. >> pretty tasteless, the video on youtube has far more dislikes than it has likes. i don't know how many people in the marketing meeting looked at that and said yeah, let's go with that. >> did they come out with a slogan yet, like eat tonga energy bar and then kill a bunch of people? >> a lot of people are wondering is this ad real? it appears it is. reports say it was created at an ad agency in cairo called think. >>> when you're a young athlete in outsports, you're lucky if you have an audience, mom and dad usually and that's about it. the nashville predators, a pro ice hockey team in nashville decided to surprise one of their youth hockey teams with a big old crowd. so they invited 250 people to come to the a game sportsplex in nashville and look at what they did. they set up an announcer's booth. they brought the predators' cheerleaders. they brought the predators mascot, nash. they brought the band. and then without the players of the youth team knowing, they start their game as usual. ju
here. >> i was having trouble understanding. did he use the n word? >> twice. >> yeah. >> [ bleep ]. >> that guy removed his jacket. then this guy with the johnny football shirt pushes this guy and a fight ensues. >> pretty short lived. cops show up in no time. according to somebody who saw this and posted the video, this guy with the johnny football shirt wasn't allowed on the flight because he looked like he been drinking. he got into it with the gate attendant, then dumped out some trail mix all over the place. that's when this oh jgentleman you see, that's when he told johnny football to calm down and johnny football took offense to that. that's when this argument began. after it settles down, you can hear the guy behind the camera talk to the man who was attacked. he kind of says, hey, you should have cracked that dude in his mouth, dude. >> ooh. >> i kind of agree with him. i'm disappointed he didn't get at least one solid -- in there. just to, like, calm down. >>> it's thursday, and we've got an ipad 3, you've got a chance to win. >> beth, you've got to love the ipad giveaw
goes into the store with what he was going to buy, lost his car and his money he was going to use to pay for the stuff. bad day for this guy. >>> a military parade in peru turns tragic for one man. it's a little hard to watch, so i will warn you. this guy is marching down the street looking for some sort of flare that was thrown in a para. one guy went up in fricking flames. he was wearing a sniper's suit all made out of burlap and pieces of material to camouflage him. finally they're able to strip off this camouflage suit he's wearing and get the flames put out. he receives second-degree burns over 80% of his body. >> this is so horrible to watch. he's running around in circles and people are trying to figure out what to do. >> it happened so quickly. you see everybody sort of panicked at first. the man doesn't know to stop and drop. in the foreground, you see a few other men wearing those suits to give you an idea of what he was wearing and what caught fire so quickly. reports say military suits are sprayed down with some sort of retardant so this doesn't happen. >> even if he w
this goat straight up, but this is a pretty big animal. >> oh! >> ah. >> paolo finally uses all his might, gets the leg out from between the two trees. the goat kind of tumbling down the hill a little bit, but was able to stand up a paolo chases this goat back to his goat friends. >> he's not limping! >> from there we're going to go to the waters of the shores of maui, where a crew from the four season the outrigger program are just out there enjoying the nice scenery when they see something floating in the water. >> do you see that? it's swimming. >> the deer barely has his nose above the surface. i mean, this thing is swimming, but is really close to, i've got to believe, drowning. >> 12 years, i have never, ever seen a deer like this. >> eventually, they get close to the thing, and somebody jumps out with, like, a red buoy, and they're trying to wrap that around the deer. you see the girl. she kind of gets the red boyer around the deer and gets him to shallow water enough where he can sort of walk on his own, but the deer is so disoriented, the deer starts going back outto the ocean. >
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